WeAreTheCity is hosting its first full day leadership conference for working women. This conference is aimed at women aspiring or already in early leadership positions who are looking to broaden their skills and grow in to their roles as future leaders.

WeAreTheCity has a proven track record in delivering high quality events for women. Over the past eight years, we have run over 80 events for over 5,000 female attendees both in the UK and India. In 2016, WeAreTheCity ran their first ever full day conference aimed at the female Technology community. The event was hugely successful with over 10 corporate sponsors, 180 attendees and 39 different speakers and panellists. The event was supported by numerous CIO’s and CEO’s from leading firms, and also trended on Twitter.

In 2017, we are raising the bar once again by hosting our first full day leadership conference for working women:

WeAreFutureLeaders: Supporting the female pipeline

A practical upskilling and networking day opportunity for our female talent pipeline to progress, explore potential, and position them for future leadership roles across a multitude of industries.

The conference agenda has been carefully curated through extensive focus group research over the past six months with key members of the WeAreTheCity/Careers Club community. Through those focus groups, our events curators have been able to map out the critical path of a leader and the skills required to develop into a management/ junior leadership position.  We also listened to our focus groups feedback in terms of what training they wanted but did not have access to within their firms due to their current responsibilities/grade or position.

WeAreFutureLeaders will be a unique conference that includes the opportunity for delegates to learn about a broad range of leadership skills as getting involved with Q&A’s, hands-on activities and interactive workshops. This is not a conference whereby our speakers or sessions will labor on the stats around the lack of female progression nor will they focus on soft skills. Instead, this is very much about shifting the dial and positioning our attendees to move themselves forward in their careers and towards a position of early leadership roles within their respective firms. The focus is placed on interactive learning with keynotes from leading industry figures plus a selection of engaging electives, which will enable our attendees to focus on the areas that are most important to them in terms of their development journey.