Harriet Waley Cohen

Before training as a coach and a speaker, Harriet spent a decade working in investment management, managing a communications team in a deadline driven and pressured environment. She then started my own business at the same time as becoming a single parent.

Her personal experience of the pressures of corporate and entrepreneurial life means Harriet is very well placed to understand the challenges that can arise for those in the corporate world.

Harriet is well known in the London personal development world, speaking regularly to great feedback and frequently invited back to speak again. Her willingness to share vulnerable, challenging moments and learnings from her own life underlies my ability to connect quickly with an audience.

Harriet’s style is engaging, personal and authentic. She weaves powerful stories with processes, tools, and, where appropriate, interactive, impactful exercises, to make lessons directly applicable to an audience, and easily and immediately actionable.

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